Current Portfolio Companies


Founded in 1999, Specialty Sales is the market leading provider of automated hoof bath systems and the preventative hoof care treatment products utilized in these systems for commercial dairies in the United States. The Company delivers a compelling value proposition to customers as its liquid chemical treatment products significantly reduce the incidence rate of hoof disease, a significant cause of economic loss on commercial dairies. Specialty Sales operates a “razor/razor blade” business model by installing and servicing its best-in-class hoof bath systems, and then selling and delivering its proprietary liquid chemical solution blends on a recurring basis.

Saco Foods is a branded, niche-market leading food products company selling primarily to supermarkets and mass retailers in the U.S. Founded in 1973, Saco’s primary products include Dolci Frutta, a chocolate hard-shell dessert dip for fruit, nuts, and other snacks, as well as powdered instant milk, powdered dry buttermilk, and baking cocoa sold under the Saco Pantry family of brands. Saco is recognized for its commitment to quality and unique, innovative products, which has helped the Company establish and maintain long-term relationships with its top customers.

Droplet Measurement Technologies is a leading manufacturer of scientific cloud and aerosol particle measurement instruments. Founded in 1987, DMT designs, engineers and manufactures highly accurate and market leading test and measurement instruments for three primary end market applications (1) cloud, water and ice particle research, (2) black carbon measurement and atmospheric research and (3) airborne bio-aerosol measurement. The company’s global customer base includes leading academic research institutions, government entities and aerospace and defense companies.

ENMET, LLC is a leading manufacturer of oxygen monitors, as well as toxic and combustible gas detectors. Founded in 1970, ENMET’s products range from compressed air line monitors to portable detectors and continuous multi-channel fixed systems which address a wide variety of hazardous gas conditions.  ENMET also designs custom engineered gas and vapor detection systems for a wide range of applications.

Space Electronics LLC is the world leader in high-precision mass properties test & measurement instruments and services. The company’s products are sold primarily to the aerospace, defense and military markets. Space Electronics’ instruments measure center of gravity, moment of inertia, product of inertia, moment weight and dynamic balance. The company also manufactures igniter circuit testers and precision ohmmeters.

Double L is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of ventilation and flooring products for the commercial poultry and swine industries. Founded in 1973, products include ceiling and side-wall inlets, farrowing crates, circulation fans, and a diverse line of plastic and metal flooring products. The products are engineered and designed to make facilities more efficient and hygienic, and present a compelling return on investment based on improved animal yields and reduced energy costs.

Founded in 2008 and based in Birmingham, AL, Atlas RFID Solutions is a value-added B2B eCommerce distributor of radio frequency identification (“RFID”) tags, readers, and equipment.  Atlas is the largest independent “pure play” distributor of RFID products in North America.  The Company also develops, integrates, and supports customized RFID solutions.  RFID products are used in many applications such as inventory management, asset tracking, and asset control.

Ray Allen Manufacturing, LLC is the leading manufacturer and direct marketer of professional canine training products to the law enforcement, military and working dog niche markets in the U.S. The company sells primarily via catalog to canine professionals in law enforcement, military, homeland security, correctional, professional security and drug enforcement fields.

U.S. Underwater Services, LLC is a leading provider of underwater inspection and maintenance & repair services. The company serves inland and offshore markets. Inland customers include municipalities, government facilities, nuclear power plants and industrial facilities. The offshore business focuses on oil drilling rigs, oil platforms and pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico.

Education Services Group Holdings, LLC (“ESG”) is a leading provider of outsourced sales and related services, primarily for large software companies. The company offers comprehensive outsourcing solutions focused on the sales, registration and administrative services that are essential to education and training delivery.

Add-On Acquisitions


Founded in 1991 and based in Danville, CA, California Sun Dry is the niche-market leading brand in sun dried tomato products (jarred and bagged) sold to supermarkets, club and mass retailers in the United States. Saco Foods acquired California Sun Dry from its founders in October 2018.

Sensora is a leading manufacturer of highly specialized chemical vapor detection systems. ENMET partnered with Sensora’s founder and acquired the business in 2016.

Signature K-9, LLC is a leading manufacturer and direct marketer of professional canine training products, with a particularly strong presence in the military market. Ray Allen partnered with Signature K-9’s founder and acquired the business in 2009.

J&J Commerce, Inc. is a manufacturer and direct marketer of dog training supplies. The company was founded in 1965 and sells primarily to dog trainers, AKC sport enthusiasts and consumers directed to J&J by their dog trainer.

Exited Portfolio Companies


K&H Pet Products, LLC is the market leading provider of thermal pet products in the U.S. K&H has also entered several additional pet product categories including traditional beds, pet travel and filtered drinking bowls. K&H’s products are highly regarded and known for quality, reliability and safety.

Badger Land Car Wash Equipment and Supplies, LLC is the leading distributor of car wash equipment, chemicals, parts and service in Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Illinois. Badgerland has an excellent reputation for service and quality and is one of the largest distributors in the industry.

Imperial Laundry Systems, LLC is a leading regional commercial laundry services provider. The company provides laundry services primarily for hospitals and hotels.