Our Approach

We understand that smaller businesses are different

BCP partners with founders, family owners and managers to grow smaller companies over time. As engaged stewards and partners, we seek to build businesses and invest in people while preserving each company’s legacy and culture.


The BCP team has over 80 years of combined experience buying and scaling businesses.

Proven value creation strategy

We have deep experience and a proven track record helping businesses grow and thrive both organically and via add-on acquisitions. And we have the team and resources to help our partners succeed.

Trusted partner

We take stewardship seriously and we understand family and founder-owned businesses. Our goal is simple: help companies scale and realize their potential while preserving culture and legacy.


We pride ourselves in being straightforward, consistent, forthright and partnership‐oriented.

Long-term, flexible timeframes

Our investment time horizon is flexible and aligned with management’s goals over shorter or longer timeframes. We believe in long-term value creation and have longer average investment periods.


We focus on industries where we have a track record of investment and operating success. Together with our Operating and Executive Partners, we bring a collaborative approach to strategy, execution and value creation.

Quick closing and certainty

We focus on a limited number of businesses. We can devote the resources required to close very quickly when required. We use conservative capital structures—we are focused on growth, not financial engineering.

Tailored to your goals

Our transaction structures can be highly flexible based on the goals of owners. We can tailor our approach based on the seller’s goals.