Our Approach



Benford Capital has a unique approach compared to typical private equity funds.  We understand that smaller businesses are different. We work in partnership with management to build a limited number of companies over long periods of time.

  • We invest our own capital and do not have the typical constraints on size, structure or holding period that most funds have.

  • We focus on building successful companies with management and creating long-term value.

  • Our investment time horizon is flexible and aligned with management’s goals over shorter or longer timeframes. We currently own 15 of the 18 companies acquired since 2004.

  • We work on fewer transactions allowing us to be a more valuable resource to our companies.

  • We can close quickly due to our experience and focus on a limited number of businesses.

  • Our transaction structures can be highly flexible based on the goals of owners. We can tailor our approach based on the seller's goals:
  • Recapitalizations
  • Retiring Owners
  • Management transitions over time