February 16, 2023

Benford Capital Partners: 2022 Year in Review

2022 was another active year for the firm, with 7 new investments (2 platforms and 5 add-ons), 2 exits, and the addition of 5 new team members. We are currently investing from our $200 million Fund II (which closed in Q2 ’22), with the same focus on founder and family held companies in the following industries: Industrial Technology, Consumer & Food, Ag Products & Services, and B2B e-commerce.

2 New Platform Companies

Animix – Animix is a leading B2B ingredients company serving the animal feed industry. Selling primarily to the calf milk replacer market, the company manufactures custom-formulated, water-dispersible vitamin and mineral premixes and supplements, distributes related ingredients, and provides excellent technical support.

Gum Products International – GPI is a leading B2B food ingredients company, focusing on proprietary hydrocolloid blends, vinegar-based antimicrobials, and other functional food ingredients and processing agents for a global customer base in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

5 Add-On Acquisitions

Nutrition Service Company:

Sherwood Elevator – Produces custom feed blends for dairy cattle and other agricultural products.

Echo Ridge Ag Services – Provides nutrition consulting services to commercial dairies.

Argus Monitoring Solutions:

Vibration Energy Services – Provides seismic monitoring, pre-blast surveys, and other construction blasting services in South Florida.

Seismic Surveys – Provides infrastructure-related consulting inspection services and seismic and environmental monitoring services.


Strainoptics – Provides non-destructive stress measurement and optical inspection instruments for glass and plastics manufacturers worldwide.


Founded in 2004, Benford Capital is a Chicago-based private equity firm focused on buying and building leading lower middle market companies in partnership with founders and management.  Since inception, Benford Capital has acquired more than 40 companies and currently owns 14 platform companies.  Industry areas of focus include industrial technology, consumer products and food, B2B e-commerce, and agricultural products and services. For more information, please visit www.benfordcapital.com.

For any questions or acquisition ideas, please contact Edward Benford (edward@benfordcapital.com), Ben Riefe (ben@benfordcapital.com), Harrison Furse (harrison@benfordcapital.com), Brendan Green (brendan@benfordcapital.com), or Brian Behm (bbehm@benfordcapital.com).